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A Three Dog Problem by S.J. Bennett – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

A Three Dog Problem by S.J. Bennett

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Zaffre Books
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

In the wake of a referendum which has divided the nation, the last thing the Queen needs is any more problems to worry about. But when an oil painting of the Royal Yacht Britannia – first given to the Queen in the 1960s – shows up unexpectedly in a Royal Navy exhibition, she begins to realise that something is up.
When a body is found in the Palace swimming pool, she finds herself once again in the middle of an investigation which has more twists and turns than she could ever have suspected. With her trusted secretary Rozie by her side, the Queen is determined to solve the case. But will she be able to do it before the murderer strikes again?

My Thoughts

Mysteries don’t have to be always serious and gruesome, can be funny and mundane, something that sadly can happen to anyone. So, when the Queen is again involved in a mystery with one of her paintings, she can’t stay away from discovering the truth… But this will not be the only problem for her, with the society divided with the referendum results and a body at the swimming pool at the Palace she knows that she’ll not have more placid days soon. The Queen has a great ally on her side, someone that respects and adores her like a Queen and that will help her solve this mystery, the secretary Rozie.
This is a book to enjoy the characters and make your own guesses while you read the mystery, an interesting cozy mystery to disconnect for a few hours.
This is the second book of the series Her Majesty the Queen Investigates, you can read it as standalone but as a series, it’s always better to start from the beginning.
I enjoyed reading this mystery, with the jokes and the twists, but what made the book different are the characters and the Queen, of course! Are you ready for the “A Three Dog Problem”?

About The Author

SJ Bennett wrote several award-winning books for teenagers before turning to adult crime novels. She lives in London and has been a royal watcher for years, but is keen to stress that these are works of fiction: the Queen, to the best of her knowledge, does not secretly solve crimes.


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