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The Kitchen by Laura Carter – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Kitchen by Laura Carter

Genre: Romance
Publisher: Canelo
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Can they stand the heat…?
Maggie’s in the running to be the next head chef at Michelin starred Manhattan restaurant, Jean Sébastien’s. Unfortunately, she’s competing against notoriously arrogant Ethan to prove she’s the
best chef for the job.
Food critic Emily can make or break a chef’s career. When she visits the restaurant to see what interim head chef, Maggie, has to offer, Emily is having a particularly bad day…
Single mum Nayomi needs a job and Jean Sébastien’s needs a kitchen porter–perfect! She just has to keep her head down and money coming in. But she’s desperate to speak up and help struggling chef Maggie – Nayomi’s own skills might be just the recipe to save Maggie’s career and impress Emily.

My Thoughts

A sweet story mixed with some delicious food, who can’t say no to it? Of course not me, I love disconnecting with a lovely story and some yummy food! 😉
I’ll advise you from the beginning, this is a story to fall in love easily and read with just one sitting. 
The book is told between three different women, all them with a common point, a Manhattan Michelin star. With friendship and rivalry, these three women will make the restaurant the best in Manhattan, ready for it?
Even if this book is fiction, the emotions of it and the characters felt real. How Maggie, who she hopes to be the next head of the restaurant, is not being considered and someone from outside is contracted for the place. Of course, the rivalry between her and the daughter of the previous owner will not make the situation easy… She will have an unexpected ally, Nayomi, who will be her secret weapon. Of course, if you’ll mix a little bit of love in the situation it makes the story addictive and realistic. Because, let’s be honest, the plot doesn’t only seem fiction but too real, don’t you think?
Yummy and sweet, this is a book you’ll love from the first page.
Ready to discover “The Kitchen”?

About The Author

Laura Carter writes women’s fiction with a romantic slant. Exploring everyday relationships and getting under the skin of her characters is her passion. She takes inspiration from everything she overhears in cafes, so be wary of that strange woman ‘listening’ to music next time you’re chatting over coffee.Laura lives with her family in Jersey, Channel Islands.Rep’d by Taner a Simons of Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency.


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