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Murder at the Abbey by Frances Evesham – Blog Tour

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Murder at the Abbey by Frances Evesham

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

The Exham-on-Sea’s History Society’s annual summer picnic comes to an abrupt end when human bones are discovered in Washford River, beside historic Cleeve Abbey.
Thrilled to find evidence of a possible centuries-old murder mystery, the members of the society organise a ghost-hunting night in the ruins of Cleeve Abbey, despite amateur sleuth Libby Forest’s reservations.
Libby is a woman of many talents, a baker, chocolatier, even a reluctant sleuth, but she’s no fan of the supernatural.and her doubts are justified when a friend is attacked under cover of darkness at the ghost-hunt.
Distressed and angry, Libby sets out with her new husband Max and their two dogs Bear and Shipley to uncover the connection between the murder of a sixteenth century monk and a present-day attack in picturesque Somerset.
With friends and neighbours as suspects, Libby and Max close in on the culprit only to find that others are still in danger.
There’s no time to lose as the sins of the past threaten lives in the community. 

My Thoughts

Finding bodies is not something weird for the couple Libby and Max, they are already famous with the police to help them solve murders! But this time, the bones they’ve found are really old, possibly a monk from the Cleeve Abbey, 600 old year victims! But everything will change when Mady, one of Libby’s best friends, is attacked one night at the Abbey. Do these two things have anything in common? 
This is a character driven story, where everyone knows everyone, so hiding secrets and telling lies is not easy, so it will be quite interesting discovering the truth in this case, believe me!
Also, the two main characters are quite lovely and interesting, Libby and Max, they’ve just married so they are still discovering each other’s habits and faults. I think this is what makes the story so human and real, they are ready to discover the truth of the case but they always have their backs covered.
Also, it was interesting how Libby always loved and cared for each of her neighbors and friends, even the police respect her and her discoveries, not something I am used to with sleuth detectives!
Even if this is the eighth book of the Exham on Sea Mysteries, you can read it as a standalone, the characters’ relations are well explained and the case is quite original, believe me.
If you are ready to disconnect for a few hours and discover a murdering Abbey full of ghosts and mystery, this should be your next read.
Ready for a “Murder at the Abbey”?

About The Author

One day, as Frances walked on a beach in peaceful Somerset, she came upon a unique nine-legged Victorian lighthouse. Her first cosy crime story, Murder at the Lighthouse, was born.
Now, she writes mystery stories: the Exham on Sea and Ham Hill Murder Mysteries, all set in Somerset.
She collects poison recipes and cooks with a glass of wine in one hand and a bunch of chillies in the other, her head full of ingenious ways to dispatch her victims – in fiction, of course.
She’s been a speech therapist and a road sweeper, and worked in the criminal courts seeing crime from all points of view: victim, prosecution and defence.
She also has a special interest in writing for children who struggle with reading. Dragon Ring is an easy-read book, produced especially for dyslexic children.


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