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A Death In Custody by T S Clayton – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

A Death In Custody by T S Clayton

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Matador
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 3’5/5

About The Book

Brixton in the late 1990s. Delroy Brown, a young black man being held in police custody, dies in a confrontation in his cell with a police officer.
The officer claims to have acted in self-defence but fails to give a satisfactory explanation for being in the dead man’s cell.
Chief Inspector Elliott conducts an investigation into Delroy’s death, but his enquiries are obstructed by a lack of co-operation from police officers, the activities of a corrupt private investigator – and the legal system itself.
Alison French, a young journalist, Neeta Patel, Delroy’s family’s solicitor, and Ben Weekes, a black youth worker, join forces to try and find out the truth about Delroy’s death, but find themselves in growing danger, as they are drawn into a murky world of violent criminals and police informants.

My Thoughts

Do you believe in the justice system?
This is a question that you’ll not be able to stop asking yourself while you are reading this book. When someone dies, does the killer always go to prison or can she/he go free? I think that this question will never have a clear answer; it depends on who is the victim, the killer, the colour of the skin, the money the killer has… so many variables that could change the verdict and make it not fair. So, is justice fair? I don’t have an answer for it, do you? This is the story of Delroy Brown, he is killed while in prison by an officer who is not related to his case. So, the main answer will be, what had really happened within the 4 minutes that the police officer was with him in the cell? Was it an accident or not? So, this is Brixton in the late 1990s, and a young journalist, Delroy’s family’s solicitor, and a black youth worker. They will all join forces to discover what really happened. The story is told between their different voices and how their background will affect their actions and thoughts, but also to make the story more realistic and plausible. This is a slow paced story; to keep you intrigued till the end to know if the truth will come. Are you ready for “A Death In Custody”?

About The Author

T. S. Clayton is a retired solicitor. In the 1990s he practised criminal law in and around Brixton, South London, working for the Crown Prosecution Service as a Crown Prosecutor, and later Senior Crown Prosecutor, before becoming a freelance defence advocate.

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