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The Truth Will Out by Rosemary Hennigan – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Truth Will Out by Rosemary Hennigan

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Fiction
Publisher: Orion
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Dara Gaffney is fresh out of drama school when she lands the leading role in the revival of Eabha de Lacey’s hugely successful yet controversial play.
Based on the true story of the death of Cillian Butler, many claim that Eabha had an ulterior motive when she penned it. Cillian’s death remains a mystery to this day, and Eabha and her brother, Austin, the only witnesses.
As the media storm builds and the opening night draws closer, the cast find it harder and harder to separate themselves from the characters.
And as the truth of Cillian’s fate becomes clear, Dara’s loyalty to her role will be irrevocably questioned as the terrible history starts to repeat itself…

My Thoughts

In every story there’s always another truth, the one that you are not part of it, the one with the other people that are part of the moment. This is the fateful story of the night where Cillian died, was it a murder or an accident? The two other teenagers involved always said it was an accident, true or false?
Having everyone against them, Eabha decides to take the story to the theatre and show publicly her vision. But is it the real one? Was it really an accident or someone pushed Cillian to his death? New cast but the same story… will this time show what happens on the fateful night or not?
This is a story about a story; an atmospheric view of the life of three teenagers, differences between them but friends for the circumstances. As the date of the show approaches, we will see the emotions get high and the doubts between the events start growing.
The story is told between two different timelines and different characters’ views; the past of how the friendship was between Eabha, Austin and Cillian; and the present how the three actors are trying to understand them. But as they get closer to the story, the actors feel more pressured and unstable, parties, drugs and emotions are at high stake. Also, we can forget the family of Cillian, who will pressure to stop the event and try to discover the truth.
This is a very interesting read; poignant and emotive, impossible to not stop reading! Are you ready to discover “The Truth Will Out”?

About The Author

Rosemary is an Irish author who lives in Dublin. She studied Law at Trinity College Dublin, as well as the University of Pennsylvania, and is a Fulbright Scholar. She practiced as a solicitor, first in corporate law, before moving into the NGO sector. She has worked in advocacy for a number of charities focused on asylum and homelessness.
She was shortlisted for the Benedict Kiely Short Story Competition and longlisted for the Colm Toibin Short Story Competition.

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