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Hidden Depths by Araminta Hall – Review

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

Hidden Depths by Araminta Hall

Genre: Historical Fiction, Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Orion
Rating: 4’5/5

About The Book

Lily is pregnant, travelling onboard the Titanic to her beloved family in the United States, hoping she can get there before her mind and body give up.
For a long time now she’s known her husband is not the man he’s pretending to be and she’s not safe.
So, when she meets widower Lawrence she knows he’s her last chance for help.
Or Prisoner…
But Lawrence knows he hasn’t got time to save Lily.
Lawrence is the only person on board the unsinkable ship who knows he will not disembark in New York.
And the danger is much worse than either of them could imagine.
Can Lily and Lawrence help each other to safety before it’s too late?

My Thoughts

There are some books that must be written to never forget the past; I think “Hidden Dephts” is one of those books. It has so many important content in it that it’s difficult to not mark all the pages with notes to never forget. I loved this book, not only for the story and characters in it but also for the important core that transmits; “You are a woman and you are important”.
This is the story of Lily and Lawrence, they are both prisoners; one from their past the other from her husband. They will need each other to survive in the famous Titanic before it sinks; do you think they’ll have enough time in 4 days? Take your bets!
I really don’t have words to say how much I enjoyed this read, I finished within just a few hours, so addictive and interesting that I couldn’t stop turning pages. I don’t know which story I was more invested in; Lily, the rich girl who has just discovered that her husband had some secret plans for her. And now is afraid for her life and doesn’t know who to trust. Her story is so sad but felt so real that it was impossible to not feel horrorized with her husband’s scenes or the ones with a mysterious doctor that treats her with the pregnancy.
And then we have Lawrence, who seems too lost in his grief that doesn’t want the burden to care for another human being. What is the real purpose of this trip for him? Maybe it’s time to listen to all the things that his wife, Cissy, showed him and be brave.
I think this is a story to not forget, for one side all the abuse Lily suffers from her husband and the other the braveness of Cissy, a woman ahead of her time.

We all need to learn something from this book:

“Women always have a story, it is just that we’re so rarely listened to.”

About The Author

Araminta Hall began her career in journalism as a staff writer on teen magazine Bliss, becoming Health and Beauty editor of New Woman. On her way, she wrote regular features for the Mirror’s Saturday supplement and ghost-wrote the super-model Caprice’s column.


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