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The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

First Rule: Make them like you.
Second Rule: Make them need you.
Third Rule: Make them pay.
They think I’m a young, idealistic law student, that I’m passionate about reforming a corrupt and brutal system.
They think I’m working hard to impress them.
They think I’m here to save an innocent man on death row.
They’re wrong. I’m going to bury him.

My Thoughts

Twisted and intriguing, this is one of the best books I’ve read lately!
Do you believe in justice? Do you think justice is always fair and impartial? This is a book to show you that justice is not impartial but that nothing really is; and when you are looking for the truth, what you’ll find is never what you were expecting!
This is the story of Hannah Rokeby, she wants to enter the Innocence Project clinic, an altruistic group that wants to help convicted prisoners that were wrongly accused. But her intention is not altruistic or good, what she really wants is more twisted and dark. Now, their big case is Michael Dandridge, who claims to be innocent and coerced to admit his guilt for the police. He had been in prison for years and now the Innocence Project is their last resource. 
This is a book that you fall in love with from the first page, impossible to not want to know more and dig more in the twisted mind of Hannah and her real motives against Michael. But this is not the only part of the story; because we’ll see flashbacks from Laura’s diary, Hannah’s mother that have some connection with the mysterious Michael and possibly the real truth behind her actions.
I loved this book, it was original and kept me intrigued from the first moment; you know that Hannah is hiding her real motives but at the same time doesn’t reveal the truth till the end. Also, it was interesting trying to discover if Michael was really guilty or not!
If you are looking for a book to keep you awake all night, this is your book, believe me! Ready to learn “The Murder Rule”?

About The Author

Award-winning, number one bestseller Dervla McTiernan has established herself as one of the biggest names in crime fiction. Her books have garnered critical acclaim around the world and sold over 400,000 copies in Australia and New Zealand alone.
In 2022, McTiernan returns with her first ever standalone thriller, The Murder Rule. Inspired by the true story of a young law student who worked at the Innocence Project and eventually uncovered evidence which exonerated a man who had been in prison for 26 years, McTiernan has created an unforgettable, twisty thriller – the must-read novel of the year.
Dervla McTiernan’s debut novel, The Rúin, is a critically acclaimed international bestseller published around the world. The Rúin won the Ned Kelly, Davitt and Barry Awards and was shortlisted for numerous others. It was on the Amazon US Best Book of the Year list 2018 and screen rights were snapped up by Colin Farrell’s production company and Hopscotch Features. Dervla’s second book, The Scholar, won the International Thriller Award and debuted straight into the Nielsen Bookscan Top 5 on release in 2019, and her third, The Good Turn, went straight to no.1, confirming her place as one of Australia’s best crime writers.


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