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The Summer of Secrets by Patricia Wilson – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Summer of Secrets by Patricia Wilson

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Zaffre Books
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

On the Greek island of Castellorizo young Sofía must put her big dreams on hold to support her older sister Maria with her large family. But World War II is looming and while the idyllic island may seem far from harm at first, there are unspeakable dangers on the horizon – perils that will change the sisters’ lives forever . . .
Devastated by her divorce and the death of her dear mum, Olivia seeks solace on Castellorizo. Her Granny Sofía fled the beautiful Greek island during the war, but Olivia knows little else about her family’s history. The only link to the Island she has left is her elderly great-uncle George. As his memory begins to fail, Olivia feels her one chance at uncovering the truth about her grandmother start to slip away.
As a mother’s sacrifice echoes throughout the generations, will Olivia discover some things are best left in the past?

My Thoughts

When the weather is crap and your life is messy, the best way to disconnect is to get immersed in a good book to make you travel to a different place and meet new amazing people, don’t you think?
“The Summer of Secrets” is the story of Olivia and her family; she knows little about the family story, but knows that right now she needs a fresh start and decides to return to Greece, where her family lived a long time ago and discover all the truth about them before it’s too late.
I have to say that it is a book easy to fall in love with, even if the story is not easy sometimes, it’s impossible to not want to know more about Olivia’s family past and all their secrets.
The story is told between two different timelines, the past, with Sofia, Olivia’s granny, and the present, how Olivia tries to discover all the story in the past while trying to find stability after losing her mum and getting divorced.
Sofia’s story will not be easy, living in a war and having to take difficult decisions and situations that will change her life forever.
I think this is a very interesting story, Patricia Wilson always transports the reader to another world with her words, not easy stories to read, but easy to connect with the characters and their emotions.
If you are looking for a book to disconnect for a few hours, this should be your story, believe me.
Are you ready to discover “The Summer of Secrets”?

About The Author

Patricia Wilson is English, born on the Wirral, Cheshire. She retired to Greece over 25 years ago where she renovated a dilapidated village house whilst observing the Greek way of life and absorbing the culture. She learned Greek dancing and cookery, and enriched her love for poetry, photography, and painting. It was only a matter of time before she started writing.
While living in this remote mountain village on the island of Crete, she dug up a rusted machine gun in her garden. After taking the weapon to the local kafenio, the locals told her the terrible history behind it. She had already started to write this sorry tale when, a couple of months later, the elderly village women came knocking on her door to tell their own, personal accounts of those heart-breaking events. After investigating further, she wrote ISLAND of SECRETS, a family saga based on real events that took place in her village in September 1943. In a matter of weeks, ISLAND of SECRETS sold six figures in Europe and was published in five languages.
Less than a year later, Patricia had moved to the Greek island of Rhodes where she wrote her second novel, VILLA of SECRETS. This was also a family saga based on a true story of injustice that took place on Rhodes. Walk through the castellated city of Rhodes Old Town and see the area where 2,000 Jews were rounded up by the Axis. Even as she wrote the story, new evidence came to light. A door in the main police station was unlocked for the first time in 70 years and some amazing documents appeared. VILLA of SECRETS received rave reviews and went straight into the Sunday Times top 15 books.
Patricia Wilson’s next novel was influenced by a piece of pottery bearing mysterious symbols. While investigating what it might be about, she discovered the ancient history of Santorini according to legend, and the life-size frescoes that illustrate the writings of Plato. She discovered that Santorini, an island once ruled by women, had a strong connection to Crete and involved a great mystery regarding the disappearance of its people. SECRETS of SANTORINI came out in 2019 and remains a best seller.
2020 brought Patricia’s forth novel, GREEK ISLAND ESCAPE, and corona virus! The closure of all bookshops arrived with the pandemic. Nevertheless, the reviews have been outstanding. Patricia says this is because we can all put ourselves in the position of a mother searching for her missing daughter. GREEK ISLAND ESCAPE revolves around epic events in Athens and Crete and takes place at one of the most difficult times in Greek history: the 60’s and 70’s. Once again, it is inspired by a true story. A tragic time for Greece, and an agonizing love story.
April 2021 brought us Patricia’s next novel which hit the bookshops and supermarket shelves running. SUMMER IN GREECE concentrates on the story of a trainee nurse, Gertie Smith in WW1, and Titanic’s sistership HMHS Britannic, built by the White Star Line in Belfast and sailing out of Liverpool. Shelly Summer discovers great-grandmother Gertie’s memoirs after her death.
‘This is my favourite novel to date, not only for the story, but also because I learned so much while completing the research. Also, it was wonderful to visit the lesser-known islands of Kea and Syros, which are both beautifully unique.’
Patricia Wilson’s next novel will be available in April 2022. The location is an island so small and inimitable, most people have never heard of it, yet at one time, 9,000 Greeks lived there. Also, for the intrepid explorer, a free ferry runs twice a week from the island of Rhodes. This is another story based on epic events in Greek history. Olivia travels from Brighton to Greece to try and uncover the secrets her mother and grandmother kept from her. Will the abandoned factory that once made precious oils reveal clues to the wartime tragedy of her ancestors? Are the terrible whispers about the British soldiers true?
‘I’m thrilled when a reader tells me she enjoyed my novels, particularly if she leaves a review on Amazon. After all, I spend a whole year researching and writing for my audience, it’s good to know I haven’t wasted my efforts. Best wishes, Patricia.’


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