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The Daughter by Liz Webb – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Daughter by Liz Webb

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Allison & Busby
Source: Helen Richardson PR
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Hannah Davidson has a dementia-stricken father, an estranged TV star brother, and a mother whose death opened up hidden fault lines beneath the surface of their ordinary family life.At 37 years old,Hannah is losing her grip on both her drinking and a cache of shameful secrets. Now the spitting image of her mother Jen Davidson, and the same age she was when she died, Hannah is determined to uncover exactly what happened to her mum, but soon the boundaries between Hannah and her mother become fatally blurred.

My Thoughts

Are you looking for a good plotted story, full of twists and layers? This is your book, believe me!
“The Daughter” is a book that will make you turn pages till the end. Because who doesn’t love a well plotted mystery about family secrets?
Hannah Davidson has decided to return to her home with her ill father, she has a lot of problems by herself but everything started on the fateful night that her mother died. Now she knows it’s time to discover the truth about her family’s past, her father is losing his memory and she needs to know all the answers before it’s too late. But, is she ready to have all these missing answers she has always hunted? Truth sometimes can get you free… or can cage you forever…
But this will not be an easy case, as soon as she starts asking questions the suspects will start filling up and the tension of the story too.
Hannah is not a likeable character, but at the same time it’s easy to understand how she became who she is; losing a mother at a young age and with her brother sharing all the story with the world, it will not be easy for anyone. So be prepared to hate and love the main character, but don’t doubt that it’s part of the story!
Ready to meet “The Daughter”?

About The Author

LIZ WEBB originally trained as a classical ballet dancer but had to give up following a back injury. She then worked as a secretary at the British Library whilst going tonight school at the City Lit to get into Oxford University age 23. After graduating, she worked as a stationery shop manager, an art model, a cocktail waitress, stand-up comic, voice-over artist, script-editor, and radio drama producer before becoming a novelist.Liz Webb was a stand-up comic for ten years performing at clubs across the UK and at festivals in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leicester and Cardiff.At the same time, she worked as a voice-over artist voicing many TV ad campaigns includingThe Times,Kellogg’s Just Right cereal and Organics hair products.She also worked for fourteen years as a prolific radio drama producer for the BBC and independent radio production companies. Liz lives in North London with her husband, son and serial killer cat Freddie


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