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London in Black by Jack Lutz – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

London in Black by Jack Lutz

Genre: Thriller, Dystopian
Publisher: Pushkin Vertigo
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Terrorists deploy London Black, a highly sophisticated nerve gas, at Waterloo Station. For ten percent of the population – the ‘Vulnerables’ – exposure means near-certain death. Only a lucky few survive.
Copy-cat strikes plague the city, its Vulnerable inhabitants kept safe by regular Boost injections. As the anniversary of the first attacks draws near, DI Lucy Stone, a guilt-ridden Vulnerable herself, is called to investigate a gruesome murder of a scientist. Her investigation soon unearths the possibility that he was working on an antidote – one that Lucy desperately needs, as her Boosts become less and less effective.
But is the antidote real? And can Lucy solve the case before her Boosts stop working?

My Thoughts

I  think this book combines two of the most frightening things that are happening right now; terrorist attacks and illnesses that don’t have a vaccine. So, be prepared for a story that will make you think about your life and the society you are living.
This is a dystopian story, based in the near future, London 2029, 2 years after the first attack where a nerve gas was thrown at the Waterloo Station. Only a few survived the attack, and there was a 10% of the population who always died, the “Vulnerables”. Now, the booster that was created to keep them safe is starting to diminish, and a scientist is found dead, a scientist that seemed to be on the right path for the vaccine… Lucy, the main detective in the case, needs the booster to work, but also knows that finding the antidote will be game changing. For it, she needs to find the killer…  Will she find all the answers before it’s too late?
I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, it shows the reader how unprotected we are in the bioterrorist world. With a story that mixes some real threats and fantasy it was quite impossible to not fall for it, wanting to know more about the characters and how the story develops.
I think this is quite an interesting book, perfect to make you fear the future but become more aware that it doesn’t matter what surprises the future awaits for us, there will always be someone ready to fight.
Are you ready for “London in Black”?

About The Author

Jack Lutz lives in London with his wife and daughter. He is fascinated by the city he calls home and loves to read about and explore it; The idea for this book came to him while changing trains on the Tube. London in Black is his first novel.


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