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The Murder List by Jackie Kabler – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

The Murder List by Jackie Kabler

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: One More Chapter
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Rating: 4/5

About the Book

When Mary receives a blank diary as a present, she thinks nothing of it. Until she opens the diary, and sees it’s not blank after all…
Is this some kind of sick joke? But…it’s the end of January now. And a woman named Lisa was murdered in Oxford on 1st January.
Does that mean there really is a killer out there, planning to commit a new murder on the first of each month? And is the Mary due to be killed on 1st April her?
The clock is ticking for Mary to uncover the truth, before she becomes the next victim on the killer’s list…

My Thoughts

Can you imagine receiving an agenda with a list of people that will be murdered in the next 4 months? One each month…
This is the story of Mary, a crime writer that one day, checking all her Christmas gifts, discovers that the cute agenda had a “gift” on it, a list of 4 people that will die on the first day of the month, one each month for 4 months. Of course, Mary has to call the police to share the “good” news, the problem is that no one has any idea who could be the killer and how is picking the victims. And Mary’s time is the last victim… so, will they find the killer before it’s too late? You’ll have to read this book before it’s too late!
This is a quite twisted and original story; not easy to engage with the characters but interesting to discover who is behind all the crimes. I liked that the story is told between different characters; Mary who doesn’t know who to trust and starts getting scared for her life. But, she has some surprises of her own that will make the story more interesting and will leave the reader astonished, believe me! And then, we have the police, who is trying to investigate the case but don’t know where to start while the clock is ticking backwards…
This is a story you’ll read in one sitting, surprising and special, you’ll love to know more about it. Believe me!
Ready to discover “The Murder List”?

About The Author

Jackie Kabler is a journalist, TV presenter and author. She spent twenty years as a TV news reporter for GMTV, ITV and BBC news, and now works as a presenter for shopping channel QVC and is author of the Cora Baxter Mysteries, a series of murder mysteries set in a television newsroom.
The Development is her third novel. Jackie lives in Gloucestershire with her husband, who is a GP.

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