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Want You Dead by Steve Frech – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

Want You Dead by Steve Frech

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: HQ Stories
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

The back yard is full of balloons and streamers, and a piñata hangs from a tree branch, circling lazily in the breeze. But beneath the table of party food, a body lies half-covered by a brightly coloured tablecloth, blood seeping onto the floor…
A child’s birthday party ends in chaos when one of the parents is found brutally beaten to death. With no way for anyone to leave unnoticed, it’s clear the killer must be another guest, but with twenty high-spirited children as a distraction, anyone might have had the opportunity to slip away from the rest of the party.
Detective Meredith Somerset soon discovers the victim had no shortage of enemies, and everyone has a potential motive. Fractured marriages, jealousy and betrayals all come to light but Meredith can’t seem to cut through the lies and find the truth.
When another party-goer disappears Meredith knows the clock is ticking before the killer strikes again. But when everyone has a motive, how can she be sure who was the one who struck the fatal blow? Who is innocent—and who is out for blood?

My Thoughts

Can you imagine that in a child’s birthday party a body appears deadly beaten? Even if this is a fiction book, it sounds so sad and frightening!
As you can imagine, everyone is devastated but it’s quite clear that the killer has to be a guest from the party, impossible to be someone unknown. But who had a motive and why now?
As soon as the Detective Meredith Somerset starts investigating the case, she finds that there are a lot of possible killers, everyone seems to have a motive and the chance to commit the crime. Now, she will have to discover who… And it seems that the killer hasn’t finished, so maybe it’s time for the police to discover who did it before more victims appear.
I have to say that this was quite an addictive read, even if it’s the second book of the “Detective Somerset”, you can read it as a standalone. The characters are very well developed and the story is intriguing and addictive, impossible to make your own guesses and try to discover the truth before Meredith!
I really enjoyed this book, I hope the wait for the next book in the series will not take long! Are you ready to “Want You Dead”?

About The Author

Steve Frech lives in Los Angeles. His novels, DARK HOLLOWS, NIGHTINGALE HOUSE, and DEADLY GAMES were Amazon best sellers. SECRETS TO THE GRAVE (Book #1 in the Detective Meredith Somerset series) from HQ & Harper Collins is available now. The sequel is set for release in August of 2022. He is also the co-creator of ‘Sports? with Jessiemae Peluso’ for Comedy Central. He is a frustrated fan of the Chicago Bears, finds cooking to be very cathartic, and is amazing at pub trivia.


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