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No Place To Run by Mark Edwards

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No Place To Run by Mark Edwards

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Thomas and Mercer
Source: FMcM
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Two years ago, on a trip to Seattle to visit her brother Aidan, fifteen-year-old Scarlett vanished into thin air.
After years of false leads and dead ends, Aidan has almost given up hope.
But then a woman sees a girl running for her life across a forest clearing in Northern California. She is convinced the girl is the missing Scarlett. But could it really be her?
Heading south, Aidan finds a fire-ravaged town covered in missing-teenager posters. The locals seem afraid, the police won’t answer any questions and it looks like another dead end―until a chance meeting with returned local Lana gives Aidan his first clue. But as they piece together what happened, Lana and Aidan make deadly enemies. Enemies willing to do anything to silence them.
Only one thing matters now: finding Scarlett ― even if it kills him.

My Thoughts

When a good friend tells Aidan that they have seen his missing sister, he can’t stay away and try to discover what really has happened. In his search, he’ll meet Lana, a woman that also is searching for her lost sister… What could they have in common? And, are they both alive?
I think one of the worst things that could happen to you is that someone from your family is missing, without knowing if they are alive or dead, there’s never a closure. That’s why it was easy to understand how Aidan doesn’t question if they’ve really seen her sister, simply assumes that it is and that she is alive. But let’s be honest, anyone in his circumstances would do the same, the need to find her alive is the only thing he wants to hear. 
But this will not be an easy search as we’ll meet a dangerous cult and a crazy leader, that maybe it makes the story a little bit unrealistic, but on the other hand, have you ever read any cult with a normal leader or with a happy ending? I’ll just let you decide the answer for those questions…
I think this is a dark and twisted read; told from different perspectives it’s quite difficult to not keep invested in the story and wanting to know how everything will end. Because as you read the story, the happy ending seems more far and far away…
Are you ready for “No Place To Run”?

About the Author

WEEKEND COPYRIGHT TIM STURGESS EXPRESS AND STAR…..28/09/16….FEATURES…. Wolverhampton author Mark Edwards.

Mark Edwards writes psychological thrillers in which scary things happen to ordinary people.
Mark has sold over 3.5 million books since his first solo novel, The Magpies, was published in 2013 and has topped the bestseller lists numerous times. His other novels include Follow You Home, Here To Stay and The House Guest. He has also published six books co-authored with Louise Voss. His last book, The Hollows, was published in July 2021.
Mark lives in the West Midlands, England, with his wife, their three children and two cats.


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