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Every Shade Of Happy by Phyllida Shrimpton – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

Every Shade Of Happy by Phyllida Shrimpton

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Rating: 4’5/5

About The Book

Suddenly uprooted from everything and everyone she knows, bubbly fifteen-year-old Anna Maybury and her mother are forced to move in with the grandfather she has never met – a bad-tempered old man who disapproves of her very existence.
At ninety-seven, Algernon breaks his days up into a routine governed by the relentless ticking of the clock on the mantelpiece. It gives his life the structure and order he craves, but he’s also incredibly lonely.
And soon, so is Anna. Her colourful personality doesn’t seem to fit in at her new school and she begins to feel herself turning as dull and grey as the uniform.
Surprisingly, it’s cranky old Algernon who is determined to do something about it. With a road trip to Cornwall on the cards and important life lessons to learn, it’s going to be a summer neither of them will ever forget.

My Thoughts

Have you ever felt a deep connection with a book you never expected? This had been this type of book for me, I thought I would just like it but it made me smile and I loved the core of it. It will be in my top list for a long time!
This book is told between different voices, all important, all with their own story to tell. Because even in the beginning you don’t seem to find a connection between Anna, a fifteen young girl, and her grandfather, Algernon, who is ninety-seven. They don’t know each other and it seems that being forced to live together is not a very good idea.
But, sometimes, with the people you seem to have less similarities with, are the ones that you are more similar to; you only have to find the little thread to connect.
This is a heartwarming and inspiring story; it’s not difficult to understand the characters and hope that everything will be better for them. Believe me when I say that these characters felt real and it’s impossible to not love them!
Even if the summer is almost over, this is a book that you’ll enjoy all year around, believe me.
Are you ready to discover “Every Shade of Happy”?

About The Author

Phyllida Shrimpton is a full-time mother of a teenage daughter and currently lives in Essex with her husband, badly behaved, small Jack Russell and a rescue Newfoundland called Nina.
She achieved a Post Graduate Degree in Human Resource Management, but soon jumped ships to work with teenagers, including students with Asperger’s syndrome on an Essex based agricultural college farm before eventually moving to live temporarily in the Netherlands.
Her interests are reading, producing fine detailed black and white ink artwork and writing.

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