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Kinetic Sand Scents by Spinmaster

Did you like playing with sand when you were young? I loved to play with clay and sand! So, I think the Kinetic Sand has been an amazing improvement toy for kids; cleaner for the house (I am a mother, let’s be honest!) and it has the same qualities as the sand. Also, with this new type, you can always add smell to it! 😉

If you still don’t believe me, you should know that the Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand, free of wheat, gluten and casein, it’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic too.

What I loved from Kinetic Sand that I don’t think I can say from the typical clay is that it’s relaxing playing with it; you can do whatever you want with it but the texture is so de-stressing that it’s impossible to not feel a little bit better after playing with it. Yes, this is a toy for children, but believe me when I say that 5 minutes playing with it, just moving it around with the fingers can clear your mind and be ready to focus more on your work.

There’s a huge range of Kinetic Sand products; you don’t need to buy all of them for your little ones, with just one pot it can make smile anyone (even the adults!). We opened the Ice-Cream Kinetic Sand and we had fun for hours trying different flavours and ice-creams. Sometimes I am surprised how easy is to keep the little ones entertained, they don’t need much, just a little bit of attention and a smile!

Have you tried the Kinetic Sand? Which product is your favourite? Tell me! 😉


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