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Tree of Life Silver Locket by LOVELOX – Product Review

I’ve been a locket lover for a long time, never finding the perfect one but always searching! That’s why I was surprised that I didn’t discovered previously the LOVELOX brand, they have an extensive variety of designs and all of them with a reasonable price.

LOVELOX is a family company with over 100 years, that traces its heritage to 1887 in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. So, believe me when I say that they are really good with their products and the quality is amazing! The product is expertly engraved and assembled by hand. It’s a really personalized shopping experience, also they send the product very fast, within 24/48 hours, so you don’t have to wait much to wear your lovely locket!

I choose the “Tree of Life” in silver locket, it’s a special design that denotes wisdom, enlightenment, growth and strength, bearing positive associations for the wearer. But there are a lot more of designs to choose if you don’t like this one! All of them are available in silver (Solid 925 sterling silver), gold and rose gold too. You can choose chains length, I wanted the larger one but it was sold out, but I also love the shorter one at 16/18 inches.
the personalization of the locket has not ended, you can add one or two photos inside; they’ll print it and put it inside the locket for you. Also, you can have it engraved; you can choose the font and the size of the words you want to personalize it.

I know it can seem a little bit complicated, but believe me that the page is really easy to move in, once the design is chosen, all the steps are easy and well explained. Also, I was really surprised with how easy was to add the photo to the page; you can also make it smaller or larger to fit your locket.

The shipping, as I said, is really quick, also comes with a sturdy box and with a care guide, to show you how to take care of your locket through time. It should come with a polishing cloth, sadly mine didn’t arrive with the locket, but I am sure that if you ask for it they’ll send you one!
I think this locket is an amazing product to buy for yourself or as a present; something special to have your beloved ones always near you and with style, of course!

So, in general I am really happy with this product, it’s a beautiful locket that I’ll be able to wear daily with some very special photos of my family near my heart. What more can I ask?

This product was gifted but the opinions are mine.


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