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Tree of Life Silver Locket by LOVELOX – Product Review

I've been a locket lover for a long time, never finding the perfect one but always searching! That's why I was surprised that I didn't discovered previously the LOVELOX brand, they have an extensive variety of designs and all of them with a reasonable price. LOVELOX is a family company with over 100 years, that… Continue reading Tree of Life Silver Locket by LOVELOX – Product Review

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Architecture Rings by Phillippe Tournaire

Rings are quite expensive, but if they are an architecture masterpiece the price is much more, because what you are wearing is not just a simple rings is a building! ;)The artist Phillippe Tournaire has created these beautiful pieces of art to wear on your fingers to make you dream of the beautiful buildings they represent,… Continue reading Architecture Rings by Phillippe Tournaire