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The Name Stamp

Being a mother of a little one, I know that one of the most tedious things is to put labels on their clothes. Am I right? Labels on the uniform, the backpack, the lunchbox… the first day of school I always have nightmares with the labels!But I think I have found my secret weapon against… Continue reading The Name Stamp

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Travel while reading, Eureka Bookstore – Advertising

Take a look at these original and funny advertising from the Eureka Bookstore... CreditsAdvertising Agency: NEW!, LithuaniaCreative Director: Aistė JūrėCopywriter: Aistė JūrėCopywriter: Vytautė PetkevičiūtėIllustrator: Justine ShirinDesigner: Ieva Paliukaitytė The source is Ads of the World.