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The Name Stamp

Being a mother of a little one, I know that one of the most tedious things is to put labels on their clothes. Am I right?

Labels on the uniform, the backpack, the lunchbox… the first day of school I always have nightmares with the labels!
But I think I have found my secret weapon against labelling! The “Name Stamp”; a small but cute stamp that you can personalise, it’s reusable and you can use it more than 1000 times!

I loved that you can choose the stamp model you want, there are quite a variety to choose; animals, aliens or cute creatures!
Of course, you can personalise it, with just one line or two lines, depending on what you are looking for. I love that you can add a little emoji to make it more fun!
My only complaint is that the shipment took a full month to arrive! I was really excited to try it, so it felt like a year! 😉

I know that it’s easy to see how the stamp works, but not easy to believe that it will stay in the clothes for a long time. I want to show you how the stamp stays in the clothes, the first photo is just after using the stamp and the second one is after cleaning the jumper.
So, as you can see, the ink stays after washing the clothes, that ‘s what I was more worried about!

So, I can highly recommend these super cute and original stamps; they work, they are fun and you’ll not have to worry ever more for the labels of your little ones! 😉
If you want a little discount on your purchase link with the code Mpr2000 is a discount for you to use! 😉

I was gifted with this product but the opinions are mine.


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