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When Cherry Lost Terry by Penny Phillips – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2022? Take a look…

When Cherry Lost Terry by Penny Phillips

Genre: Illustration Book, Children
Publisher:  Old Street Publishing
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

When Cherry lost Terry one day,
Where was he? Could anyone say?
Asleep in a tree?
Or down by the sea?
He couldn’t be too far away.

The animals searched high and low,
Unsure what to do, where to go.
Would Terry appear?
The story is here…
Just read it – and then you will know!

My Thoughts

When I am searching for a book for my son, there are always two things that I look for; beautiful illustrations and a book that teaches something to him.
“When Cherry lost Terry” is a beautiful and detailed illustration book of curious animals, with the added value that it rhymes!. The colours are amazing and the animals’ details are astonishing! Also, it’s great to teach new little things to our little ones while you are reading a story. It keeps the little one interested in what you are saying and also makes them start asking questions about the animals!
This is a short story, perfect to read before going to sleep or to read again and again, it’s impossible to get bored with all the illustrations and curious new things you could learn while reading the book.
I would have loved that the animal letters would be in black or a list of all the animals at the end of the book, because if this is a book to teach the alphabet and it’s not marketed it seems that the important part is lost. But these are my thoughts! The story is lovely and my son wants to read it again and again!So, do you want to discover “When Cherry lost Terry”?

About The Author

Penny Phillips began making up poems when she was four, which was far too long ago. Having worked as an editor in publishing for over 30 years, she finally got round to writing a book herself. When Cherry Lost Terry has been extensively tested on children but not on animals. Penny is now the Sub-editor of The Oldie and lives in London with her husband.


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