Birthdays! Are you one of those who celebrate or the ones who hate it? I have to say that I always loved to celebrate my birthday with friends and family; sadly for the last 7 years, my birthday is not as special as it was before. My mum was born the same day as me, so after passing away, it always has a bitter taste… but this is not what I wanted to talk to you about! i want to highlight the amazing “SevenYays Box” that makes me smile just thinking about my birthday, so, it’s a win win.

If you don’t know what the “SevenYays” are, let me introduce them to you; this is a small brand that creates a special Birthday calendar countdown for you! All the products are sustainable and respectful with the environment; high quality and also prize winner products. You can create your own calendar or be surprised with it, your choice!

If you prefer one already chosen, great, I am sure that what you’ll find will be amazing. But if you prefer to choose your own products, believe me when I say that the decision will be complicated, there are so many interesting things to put inside that you’ll spend hours choosing your favourites! This is a totally personalised product, from the box; you can choose from the design you prefer till a special card inside, with the design you like and written whatever you want inside!

The good thing is that this is not an expensive product, for £40 you can find some really good products; but if you make your own products, you can choose your budget!
I have to say that I’ve been looking to buy a “SevenYays” for a while and then I had the chance to try one by myself; so, I am so happy!
The shipping is really good and the customer service is personalised and quick to answer your questions. Also, the page is really easy to navigate and find all the products.
This is a product I highly recommend, impossible to be disappointed!
If you want to take a look; here is a special discount for you! Simply use MPR15 at the check out!

This product was gifted but the opinions are mine.