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The Paris Notebook by Tessa Harris – Book Review

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The Paris Notebook by Tessa Harris

Genre: Historical Thriller, Mystery
Publisher: HQ Digital
Rating: 4/5

About the Book

When Katja Heinz secures a job as a typist at Doctor Viktor’s clinic, she doesn’t expect to be copying top secret medical records from a notebook.
At the end of the first world war, Doctor Viktor treated soldiers for psychological disorders. One of the patients was none other than Adolf Hitler. . .
The notes in his possession declare Hitler unfit for office – a secret that could destroy the Führer’s reputation, and change the course of the war if exposed. . .
With the notebook hidden in her hat box, Katja and Doctor Viktor travel to Paris. Seeking refuge in the Shakespeare and Company bookshop, they hope to find a publisher brave enough to print the controversial script.
But Katja is being watched. Nazi spies in Paris have discovered her plan. They will stop at nothing to destroy the notebook and silence those who know of the secret hidden inside. . .

My Thoughts

This story is set just before WW2; with the hope that a notebook can change the direction of the world. Can you imagine how the world would seem now if someone/something could have stopped the war? Yes, this is just fiction, but we can always dream and hope that some things could never happen, don’t you think?
This is the story of Katja; she is delighted when the psychiatrist Dr. Viktor hires her, what she didn’t expect is the secret job she has been contracted to do. This job will be dangerous, will put her life at risk but maybe the only way to stop the war. Would Katja take the chance?
This is an original but sad story; I don’t think I can ever read a WW2 book without feeling the sadness and pain that surrounds those parts of our history.I liked how the author created a beautiful story full of love and hope in a moment where everyone felt despair. The notebook Katja is working on seems to give our characters a little bit of hope, but this hope will not last much. They know they need someone to publish the notebook but, who will be bold enough to contradict the Nazis and risk their lives for it? They seem to find an ally in Paris, someone who wants to help them, Daniel, but would it be enough?
If you want to know all the answers to these questions, you should start reading the book, interesting and sad is a story I would recommend you to discover.
Ready to discover “The Paris Notebook”?

About The Author

When I was five years old, I visited the dungeons of an old castle with my parents. The guide was telling us about the oubliette, the place where they threw prisoners and literally forgot about them. Without warning he turned the light off, plunging the space into darkness. We were blind for a few moments. But instead of terrifying me, the experience had the opposite effect. I wanted to know more about people, lives, events from the past. So,from a very early age, I loved history: buildings, books, stories.
I went on to read History at Oxford University and qualified as a journalist and editor, contributing to several national publications such as The Times and The Telegraph. I also acted as a literary publicist for the English TV presenter and novelist Pam Rhodes.
Winning a European-wide screenplay writing competition led to the optioning of a screenplay. (Here’s where the history comes in.) Set in 18th century England, it highlighted what has to be one of the most fascinating periods of England’s past. The screenplay languished in what’s known as development hell, but I was determined to tell some of the stories I’d discovered during my researches into the period. The result is “The Anatomist’s Apprentice,” the first of a series of Dr Thomas Silkstone Mysteries – stories from late 18th century England that are based on true events.
Until December 2010 I was editor of a regional glossy magazine and was regularly heard on BBC local radio. As well interviewing dozens of celebrities, I interviewed writers at literary events in front of audiences. My most recent interviews were with Oscar winner Julian Fellowes (who wrote the screenplay for Downton Abbey), Barbara Taylor Bradford and Hollywood legend Leslie Caron.


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