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Paris Requiem by Chris Lloyd – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2023? Take a look…

Paris Requiem by Chris Lloyd

Genre: Historical Thriller, Mystery
Publisher: Orion Books
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

Paris, September 1940.
After three months under Nazi Occupation, not much can shock Detective Eddie Giral. That is, until he finds a murder victim who was supposed to be in prison. Eddie knows, because he put him there. The dead man is not the first or the last criminal being let loose onto the streets. But who is pulling the strings, and why?
This question will take Eddie from jazz clubs to opera halls, from old flames to new friends, from the lights of Paris to the darkest countryside – pursued by a most troubling truth: sometimes to do the right thing, you have to join the wrong side…

My Thoughts

I am sure you’ve read a few books about WW2 like me; but I think this one is the one that touched me the most. It felt so real; the fear, the pain, the need… I felt all these feelings in my own skin. Because the Detective Eddie Giral doesn’t have an easy life; he is a police officer but he is hungry all the time and is controlled all the time by the Nazis, the killer that he is looking for is also hunting him and ready to kill him if he doesn’t follow the rules. So, let’s be honest, he is not living his best moment.
I’ll be honest and say that I really don’t want to talk much about the plot of this book; it has layers and layers of stories and characters to keep you invested, but it will be much better if you dig in and discover it by yourself. It’s a mystery, there’s been a murder and our detective has to discover who dunnit, but, I don’t think this is the core of the story but instead the personal life of Eddie; his point of view about WW2 and all the situations he is living.
Also, I love how the author is not scared of talking about taboo themes mixing them with fiction; because even if this is a fiction book, at the core it’s a reality we should never forget.
This had been an amazing read; raw and difficult, but a book I will never forget. 
I think this is a must read book; it will make you burn and cry with anger; an amazing read to make us not forget.
Are you ready to discover “Paris Requiem”?

About The Author

Straight after graduating in Spanish and French, Chris Lloyd hopped on a bus from Cardiff to Catalonia and stayed there for over twenty years. He has also lived in Grenoble – researching the French Resistance movement – as well as in the Basque Country and Madrid, where he taught English and worked in educational publishing and as a travel writer. More recently, he worked as a Catalan and Spanish translator.
He writes the Occupation series, featuring Eddie Giral, a French police detective in Paris under Nazi rule. The first book in the series, The Unwanted Dead, won the HWA Gold Crown Award for best historical novel of the year and was shortlisted for the CWA Historical Dagger Award for the best historical crime fiction. It was chosen as Waterstones Welsh Book of the Month. The second book in the series, Paris Requiem, sees Eddie trying to solve the riddle of prisoners disappearing from prison.
He has also written a trilogy set in present-day Girona, in Catalonia, featuring Elisenda Domènech, a police officer in the devolved Catalan police force.


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