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Easter Bunny by Lego

I know that it has been months since I shared with you some type of toy/game, but believe me that these last months had not been easy and blogging was more of an obligation than something I did for pleasure or to relax. In the end it seems that the pandemic really took a toll… Continue reading Easter Bunny by Lego

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Chocolate Egg by Booja-Booja

I am a dairy intolerant, so when Easter arrives I am always searching for eggs without milk or with a very low percentage, because, really I can not stay without eating chocolate, is Easter!So today I did a quite extensive research and it seems there are a few brands that start making egg chocolate dairy… Continue reading Chocolate Egg by Booja-Booja

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Easter Unconventional Presents

A few years ago I discovered that I am intolerant to lactose, so having a chocolate egg for Easter, sadly, is not something that I am looking forward. That's why I thought I would share with you some cute and original presents for you or your loved ones this Easter, that don't involve chocolate! Lego… Continue reading Easter Unconventional Presents

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The Cumberbunny by The Chocolatician

Are you searching for the more original Easter chocolate?Don't doubt that it will be The Cumberbunny, this chocolate treat weighs 400 grams (~0.88 lbs) and is available in milk or dark chocolate. The surface is hand-glazed with an edible luster dust and is billed as “a delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and… Continue reading The Cumberbunny by The Chocolatician

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The Alnwick Garden and Lindt Gold Bunny

Yesterday I was visiting the Alnwick Gardens, and joined the search for the Lindt Gold Bunny!It was an original way to enjoy the gardens and have a prize at the end of the day! We recharged the energy with the milk chocolate rabbit! :)Here are the steps we made to win this amazing prize...The first… Continue reading The Alnwick Garden and Lindt Gold Bunny