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Easter Bunny by Lego

I know that it has been months since I shared with you some type of toy/game, but believe me that these last months had not been easy and blogging was more of an obligation than something I did for pleasure or to relax. In the end it seems that the pandemic really took a toll in my mental health and everything was grey… But for the last 3 weeks, I feel more energetic and wanted to do more things, even writing again on my blog!

For the last months, my (not so little one) son has been obsessed playing with Lego, we had been lucky to inherit some old sets from my family and he has been playing with them non stop! So, I thought I would buy something original to play this Easter, everything in Ireland is still closed, so we have to stay at home for long times. After looking for a few days, we decided to buy this cute Bunny!

Just one thing, every month, Lego has some promotions for a few days, so when you purchase a total sum of money, maybe you are lucky and you’ll get a free set included with your product. You can search it online, Calendar Lego and add the month and the year you are looking for, this way you’ll know what promotions will be running during each month. I didn’t know it, but I think this is a great idea, this way you can see what kits will be released and if there’s anything interesting!
Let’s continue with the Bunny set, it’s recommended for 8 years old, but my son is 5 and with me on his side he can do it alone. There are some things that I have to re-do but he has enjoyed the process and the satisfaction of doing it by himself!

In this set there are 293 pieces, separated with 4 transparent bags, I still don’t know which is the difference between the bags, so the best way to play with it is opening all the bags and start looking for the next piece!

I always love the detail of the Lego instructions book, there’s no way you can do it wrong, there are 95 steps with 60 pages full colour to follow.
I know that this set is made specially as an Easter set, but I love the sweet bunny and even if it has some eggs to make it more Eastery, I think we’ll enjoy it all year around! And, don’t forget that the ears and legs can have movement! 😉

The set is €14.99 on the official Lego page, but I am sure you can find it on Amazon or your favourite toy store!
Are you a Lego fan? Did you love playing with it when you were young? Share it, please!!


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