I am not sure if you remember the amazing brand Nervous System, I shared with you a couple of products a few years ago; the Radial Puzzle, so today I would like to share with you the Earth and Moon Puzzle



The Earth and Moon Puzzle,is a mind-bending, never-ending jigsaw puzzles.This puzzle is based on an icosahedral map projection and has the topology of a sphere. This means it has no edges, no North and South, and no fixed shape. Try to get the landmasses together or see how the oceans are connected. Make your own maps of the earth!

It not only has 442 pieces but also it has 16 figure pieces shaped like animals indigenous to different parts of the world: a kiwi on New Zealand, an alpaca in South America, a giraffe and rhino in Africa, and different whales and marine animals throughout the ocean; this makes the puzzle more original and curious at the same time. And there’s more, the Earth Puzzle’s pieces have more complex relationships, where pieces rotate 60 degrees to zip the seams of the map in different ways. This demonstrates how the infinity puzzles are not simply tiling puzzles but represent a broader range of possible borderless puzzles.



Original don’t you think? So, everytime you’ll make this puzzle, the end will be different!