I am not sure if I understand totally why every animal wants to be a cow, but I love all these animals dressed in black and white for the Nutristar advert, don’t you?

“Diet plays a key role in keeping cattle healthy and maintaining the quality of the milk they produce. This is why Nutristar selects feed and fodder able to guarantee both animal wellbeing and efficient production. Nutristar’s 2018 communication campaign transmits a simple yet incisive concept: if the food is top-quality, other animals will want to eat just like the cattle – or rather, they’ll want to be just like the cattle.”

Advertising Agency: Auiki, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Creative Directors: Simone Galloni, Simone Risola
Art Director: Nausicaa Amovilli
Copywriter: Giulia Giordano
CGI / Photographer: Hyperactive Studio
Account Manager: Claudio Lacetera

The source is Ads of the World.