I am sure you know how I love doing puzzles, that’s why when I saw this project, the Pieces of the Galaxy, I couldn’t resist to share it with you!

This is not only a beautiful puzzle, it’s made with high quality products and precision-cut materials. Making the pieces fit perfectly with each other without any faults in them. The pieces are made with blend of wood and the transparent acrylic pieces allow light to pour though some planets.

What makes this puzzles more originals than the others you are thinking, first of all, some pieces of each puzzle have a special forml; an animal, a constellation, an object… and the other think is that if you try some of the pieces of the puzzle alone, you’ll have a secret puzzle! Can you believe it?

There is a puzzle for each planet, you just have to decide which one you want… or all of them!


This is a Kickstarter project, you know I love to share my discoveries with you! 😉 I hope you like this one!