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Wolf Light by Yaba Badoe

Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Zephyr

About The Book

Three girls born on the same day in wolf light, the mysterious, magical dusk, are bound together to protect the world.
From the bleak steppes to the tropical forests of Ghana and the stormy moors of Cornwall, Zula, Adoma and Linet must perfect their skills and save the lands they love from being plundered and poisoned.
Theirs is powerful sister-magic. A leopard dances under the moon. A wolf howls. A red-beaked bird flies free.

My Thoughts

This is a beautiful story, with some amazing landscapes to loose yourself and the sisterhood of three girls that will make you believe in humans. Zula, Adoma and Linet are not blood related, but their connection is so deep that they feel like they share the same blood even if they live in different countries around the world.
This is a story for the younger ones, but I am sure that if you love to read you’ll enjoy this book too. Because it’s a way to remember that it doesn’t matter what makes you fell but how you stand up. How to fight for our believes and don’t be afraid to say what we think. And that’s why I think this is a really good book for the little ones, to teach them how to be better persons and take care of our surroundings. Because one of the topics of the books is the climate change, something that we all should be aware and try to make something to change it, don’t you think?
I love powerful books with a strong core and beautiful descriptions. Yada Badoe has done an amazing job with this book, it will let you travel around the world and fight for your believes simply sitting in the sofa!
I would have liked to know a little bit more of the characters but I can understand that this is a book for the younger ones and they don’t need so much background, maybe in another book?
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About The Author

Yaba Badoe is an award-winning Ghanaian- British documentary filmmaker and writer. In 2014 Yaba was nominated for the Distinguished Woman of African Cinema award. She travels frequently to chair film conventions and lecture. Her most recent documentary was The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo. Her debut novel, A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars, published by Zephyr, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2018 and has been nominated for the 2019 Carnegie Meda