Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

One Dark, Two Light by Ruth Mancini

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

New Year’s Eve, London.
Outside the Hope & Glory pub, a man has been left to die. A victim of extraordinary violence, he will never walk or speak again. He remains in hospital for months, until criminal defence lawyer Sarah Kellerman walks onto his ward.
Sarah barely recognises the man she once worked with –he was honourable and kind – what was he involved in? Who wanted him dead? But in her race to uncover the truth, Sarah comes to realise there are two men in her life that she never really knew at all…
From one of crime fiction’s most compelling voices, One Dark, Two Light is where the personal and criminal collide, as Sarah works to bring dark secrets into the light.

My Thoughts

It seems that lately I am discovering more and more new series to be addicted, so please don’t hate me if your pile of books increases drastically!
One Dark, Two Light is the story of the criminal defense lawyer Sarah Kellerman, she is visiting a “friend” at the hospital when she recognizes a John Doe patient at the UCI and this will be the moment her life will turn upside down… ready?
I am sure you’ll be wondering what makes this book different from the others, starting that it’s not really a case Sarah is trying to defend or has a client, she simply tries to help the family in a difficult situation, the husband has been missing for 3 months, no one has answers and it seems that no one has been asking for questions. Weird isn’t it? If I tell you that the John Doe is a police officer and no one is looking for him? Then you’ll suspect that someone knows more than they are saying, am I right? Yes, as you can imagine this will be a complicated and twisted case, but told in a plain way, there are detectives but Sarah is not, so she will start “investigating” the same way you or me would do. So, the case is interesting but the perspective from the reader is like you see the story as it were a movie; the characters feel real and the situation too, sad and unlucky, but possible.
We’ll have an insight of Sarah’s life too; her work, her son and the two man in her life. I’ll say that I didn’t like much Andy, but I don’t think anyone would like him… and I’ll have to read another book to have a clear opinion about Nick, for now he seems a good man, we’ll see…
After this book, I really can’t wait to know how Sarah’s life will continue, the case is solved, but there are a few questions at the end of the story that I can’t wait to discover the answers!
If you are looking for an interesting case with real characters this is your book, ready?

About The Author

Ruth Mancini is a criminal defence lawyer, author and freelance writer. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and two children.