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The Book of Cultures by Worldwide Buddies

It’s been a while since I shared a Kickstarter project with you, now it’s the time! But don’t worry it’s book related too, so perfect to share! 😉

So, let’s talk a little about The Book of Cultures, a picture book with 30 fictional stories featuring characters (buddies) from different countries.

The stories are lovingly created to introduce children to the wonders of our world and encourage them to embrace diverse perspectives. A magical, educational experience for young readers to discover the differences that make our planet so special, but also to uncover the similarities we often overlook.

Fictional plots capture the imagination of little readers and allow them to experience the world beyond themselves, developing compassion and empathy. Each story follows a buddy from a different country and explores unique aspects of their culture. At the same time, the characters’ fears and dreams are universal and relatable to every child. And every story is accompanied by a 2-page snapshot of that culture, filled with fun facts and activities, such as puzzles, songs and recipes.

You can back this project right now in Kickstarter, for $30 you can have the book and a calendar for 2021! I already have my book backed, what are you waiting for?


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