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Darkest Night by Jenny O’Brien – Blog Tour

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Deadly Wishes by Rachel McLean

Genre: Crime
Publisher: HQ Digial

About The Book

Christine De Bertrand wakes up to her worst nightmare: rather than the man she went to bed with, lying beside her is her housemate, Nikki – dead. With no memory of the night before, Christine can’t explain what happened, and the police are baffled.
For DC Gaby Darin, newly arrived from Swansea after her last case ended in tragedy, it’s a mystery she’s determined to solve. When another woman goes missing, Gaby faces a race against time to uncover the link between the two victims and find the man who vanished from Christine’s bedroom. But as Gaby gets close, the killer gets closer – and soon one of Gaby’s own team is in unimaginable danger…

My Thoughts

When a divorce is finished, no matter if it ended good or bad, it’s always something to celebrate, but for Christine de Bertrand the anniversary celebration will not end as she was expecting. The man he went to sleep the night before has disappeared and now the body of her housemate has appeared… and the police is arresting her. She doesn’t have any memories from the previous night, so no alibi for her, but it seems that this will not be the first woman missing, now this will be a race against the clock and the bet will be Christine’s freedom. Ready?
Even if this is the second book of the Gabriella Darin series, you can read it as standalone, the connections and relations between the characters are well explained and you don’t feel lost in the story. I loved so much how the story is told that I am sure I’ll follow her adventures from now on!
The story is told between different characters, showing the different perspectives of the story but at the same time the reader doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe. Is Christine innocent as she claims or is she hiding something and the perspective of the reader is biased by the emotions? DC Gaby Darin is trying to solve two cases at the same time, they seem complicated and with no clear clues to discover the real culprit, will they find the killer before it’s too late?
I really liked this story, Gaby is a character easy to get attached to and follow her adventures, she is tenacious and intelligent, fights for her friends and family and is ready to catch the killer no matter what.
Ready for the Darkest Night?

About The Author

Born in Dublin, Jenny O’Brien moved to Wales and then Guernsey, where she tries to find time to write in between working as a nurse and ferrying around 3 teenagers.
In her spare time she can be found frowning at her wonky cakes and even wonkier breads. You’ll be pleased to note she won’t be entering Bake-Off. She’s also an all-year-round sea swimmer.


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