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One In Three by Tess Stimson – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2019? Take a look…

One In Three by Tess Stimson

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Avon Books

About The Book

Both of them loved him. One of them killed him . . .
Louise has had to watch her husband, Andrew, start a new family in the four years since he left her. The ‘other woman’ is now his wife – but Louise isn’t ready to let Caz enjoy the life that was once hers, or to let go of the man she still loves.
As Louise starts to dig into Caz’s past, the two women’s pretence of civility starts to slip. But in trying to undermine each other, they discover more about the man they both married.
And when Andrew is murdered at a family party, both women are found standing over the body.
It’s always the wife. But which one?

My Thoughts

They say that between love and hate there’s a really thin line… who hated/loved most Andrew to kill him? His wife or ex-wife? Don’t expect to have an easy answer, because it’s not, they hate/love him in the same proportion, but only one killed him, ready to make your bet?
I know that this story can seem familiar, but believe be when I say that you’ll be surprised by this book, how it’s told and all the lies and secrets hidden during the plot, a must read!
The story is told mainly by Louise and Caz, the ex-wife and the wife, because the wives are always the main suspects in a killing, am I right? So, in a family party where Louise and Caz are found near the body, the police will start questioning them. And starting from the past till the present, we will discover their most dangerous secrets and dark thoughts, and be prepared for a few twists, of course!
I don’t think I trusted either Louise and Caz since the beginning, they seem to be so good on one side and witched on the other that I wasn’t surprised of the hate their shared between them. I didn’t understand neither how Andrew could try to maintain this weird balance between both families, I can understand that if you have a child with someone else you want to be a parent to them, but if you still have feelings for your ex-wife, why did you marry just after having the divorce papers? Sometimes I don’t understand humans!
This had been an addictive read, trying to decide which character you hate less and had less motives to kill… it had been a very interesting read! Ready for One In Three?

About The Author

Tess Stimson is the author of eleven novels, including top ten bestseller The Adultery Club, and two non-fiction books, which between them have been translated into dozens of languages.
A former journalist and reporter, Stimson was appointed Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Florida in 2002 and moved to the US. She now lives and works in Vermont with her husband Erik, their three children, and (at the last count) two cats, three fish, one gerbil and a large number of bats in the attic.
The Mother (previously published as Picture of Innocence) is her first foray into psychological thrillers. Her next, One In Three, will be published in August 2020.

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