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Innocently Guilty by Ashling Bourke – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

Innocently Guilty by Ashling Bourke

Genre: Young Adult
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Conrad Press

About The Book

‘Innocently Guilty’ is a highly engaging and extremely entertaining first novel full of intriguing characters, international adventure, love and passion, secrets and a chilling mystery at its core. Lottie and Emily are best friends, who want more than anything to have the perfect boyfriend but when a boy is found dead and all eyes are on Lottie, an African adventure awaits that unexpectedly reveals the answers she seeks. This was so not part of the plan.

My Thoughts

Do you remember what it was being a teenager? Not having enough power to say I didn’t do it without the adults distrusting you? This is the story of Lottie, she is pointed to be the main suspect of killing her date, no one believes her, not even her best friends. Lottie doesn’t remember anything that happened the fateful night, so, her therapist recommends her to go to a summer cap in Malawi, to disconnect and relax, and maybe her memories will be back.
The book is about the summer camp, how Lottie meets new people but always with the fear of what happened on the past, the fear to know if she did it or not, never fully happy until she discovers the truth. But Lottie will meet some amazing friends at the camp that will help her heal and face what’s waiting at home, the truth.
I really enjoyed this read, with short chapters and realistic characters I’ll admit that I read it in one sit. And even if it’s a young adult book, I can say that it will be loved for young and adults, it’s easy to fall for the characters and understand their actions.
This is a book of friendship, romance and adventures; and a reminder that healing is always easier when you have people that care and love around us.
Are you ready for “Innocently Guilty”?

About The Author

Ashling Bourke spent most of her childhood growing up in Malawi which is a central source of inspiration for her debut novel ‘Innocently Guilty’.
She now lives in Scotland and is studying at university whilst developing her debut novel into a series.


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