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The Couple by Helly Acton – Blog Tour

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The Couple by Helly Acton

Genre: Fiction
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Zaffre

About The Book

Millie is a perfectionist. She’s happy, she’s successful – and, with a great support network of friends and family (and a very grumpy cat) around her, she’s never lonely. She has her dream job at a big tech firm and is on track to become the company’s youngest ever Innovation Director. The last thing she needs is romance messing up her perfectly organised world.
Besides, normal people just don’t have romantic relationships. Everyone knows that being in a couple is a bit . . . well, odd. Sure, everybody has that one coupled-up friend who messes up the numbers at dinner parties, but it’s a bit eccentric. You know, like having a pet snake or living off the grid. Why rely on another person for your own happiness? Why risk the humiliation of unrequited love or the agony of a break-up when you can do everything yourself? No, Millie is perfectly happy with her conventional single life.
So when Millie lands a new project at work, launching a pill that stops you falling in love, it seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. That is, until she starts working with Ben. He’s charming and funny, and Millie feels an instant connection with him. Is this the spark that science and society are trying to suppress?
Will Millie sacrifice everything she believes in for love?

My Thoughts

Would you take a pill to prevent you falling in love?
This is how this story will start, in a dystopian world were being single is accepted and having a partner is seen as something weird. Millie loves her work and can’t wait to get promoted, so being part of the team to create the magic pill to stop falling in love will be like her dream job. She will have a partner in crime, Ben, not only at work but as a friend; their chemistry together will make them re-think about the world they are living.
I think this is a must read book, the plot is original and fresh and it makes the reader re-think about our society structure and way to see life. I’ll admit that this is the first book I’ve read from Helly Acton but it will not be the last one, the way she writes and creates this original world has surprised and delighted me. Because this is not only a book to read but to talk and think; in a way, the world is much better than the one we are living. Can you imagine a world were no one judges who you love or want to sleep with? I think this is an eye-opening book, maybe this will be the beginning of the change for our world?
Ready for “The Couple”?

About The Author

Helly Acton is a copywriter from London with past lives in Zimbabwe, the Middle East and Australia. She studied Law at King’s College London before following a more creative path into advertising. At 26, Helly took a career break to travel in Africa and Asia, before landing in Sydney. Six years and one life-affirming break up later, she returned home and threw herself into online dating in the city. Helly uses this experience as a single woman in her early thirties – torn between settling down and savouring her independence – as a source of inspiration.
Helly currently lives in Berkshire with her husband, Chris, their little boy, Arlo, and their little dog, Milo. Sometimes, she gets their names mixed up.

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