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Happiness ( 해피니스 / Haepiniseu)

During this pandemic, I think everyone started a new hobby, some more interesting than others of course, mine has been watching Korean series. It can seem weird, but after watching a trailer of one of the top series from the moment, Crash Landing On You, I couldn’t resist watching it, now I am addicted!
A lot of people look at me weird when I say that I watch Korean TV series, my friends watch Turkish series, me, Korean, really, what’s the difference? If I enjoy what I am watching, does it matter where is it from? I know some of them are subtitled in other languages, but I normally watch them in Korean and with English subtitles, it’s more real this way for me, and now I’ve learned some new words!
I’ll try to share some Korean series I enjoyed with you, you can try to watch them or ignore my advice completely, your choice! This week I want to talk about “Happiness”, I’ll admit that I started to watch this series because I thought it was a romantic drama, I was alone at home and I couldn’t sleep, so I was looking for something to relax me and make me smile. It didn’t relax me at all, but I have to say that it was one of my favourite series from 2021!
It’s about two friends, they know each other since they where at high-school and now their job is not much different; he is a police officer and she disarms bombs. One tries to live the day to day, the other plans in advance; they seem totally opposites but they have something in common, they respect and trust in each other. Everything will begin when both of them become in contact with a pill that converts people to zombies; they don’t know how to stop the pandemic but they want to help. So, when the apartment they live in becomes isolated from the world, they could never think the worst nightmare would not be the zombies but all the neighbours living at the apartments.
I don’t plan to make any spoilers, only to make you interested in the plot, if you haven’t watched any Korean series before, let me say that they are quite realistic and full of blood but quite traditional and no kisses/contact between the couples. So, be prepared for a lot of gore scenes but zero bed ones! And one thing I love about Korean series is that you never know how it will end, they don’t have any problem killing the main characters at the last minute or breaking the couple, so watching one is always a rollercoaster.
Maybe you’ll ask why I am recommending this series; first it’s original, talks about the pandemic that we are living now, it’s over, but that people become obsessed with taking vitamins and this is how the “Zombie” pill appears. Then there are all the neighbours of the building, each of them with their own needs and greed, no one to trust or to ask for help. And then, the main characters, they are friends but you can see some sparks between them, it doesn’t really become the main part of the story and I think that’s why I loved it. You can see how their relationship grows but they don’t stop fighting to survive and to keep the “zombies” safe.
I really recommend this series, it only has 16 episodes with a length of 1 hour each. A must see!

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