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Edgware Road by Yasmin Cordery Khan – Blog Tour

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Edgware Road by Yasmin Cordery Khan

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: ‎ Head of Zeus
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

1981. Khalid Quraishi is one of the lucky ones. He works nights in the glitzy West End, and comes home every morning to his beautiful wife and daughter. He’s a world away from Karachi and the family he left behind.
But Khalid likes to gamble, and he likes to win. Twenty pounds on the fruit machine, fifty on a sure-thing horse, a thousand on an investment that seems certain to pay out. Now he’s been offered a huge opportunity, a chance to get in early with a new bank, and it looks like he’ll finally have his big win.
2003. Alia Quraishi doesn’t really remember her dad. After her parents’ divorce she hardly saw him, and her mum refuses to talk about her charming ex-husband. So, when he died in what the police wrote off as a sad accident, Alia had no reason to believe there was more going on.
Now almost twenty years have passed and she’s tired of only understanding half of who she is. Her dad’s death alone and miles from his west London stomping ground doesn’t add up with the man she knew. If she’s going to find out the truth about her father – and learn about the other half of herself – Alia is going to have to visit his home, a place she’s never been, and connect with a family that feel more like strangers.

My Thoughts

Some books make you feel transported to another pace and another timeline, I felt like this while reading “Edgware Road”. Interesting and real it was not difficult to fall in love with the story of the Quraishi’s life.
The story is told between two different time periods; 2003 where Alia Quraishi wants to know who her father was and what happened to the kind mind she remembers. And then the past, 1981, where the young Khalid Quraishi starts his dangerous life in gambling.
I have to say that I really enjoyed this read; it’s intriguing and full of characters making it impossible for the reader to stop turning pages to discover what really happened to Khalid. His death was an accident or someone did it? He was really surrounded by dangerous people at the time, so it will be in Alia’s hand’s to discover the truth. But, will she be putting her life in danger too? The gambling world is dark and dangerous… maybe a killer on the run? Of course you’ll have to read the book if you want to know all the answers!
But I can assure you that it’s worth the read, even if the beginning seems slow paced is like a spider web that attracts you and you don’t know how to leave.
Are you ready to discover the story of “Edgware Road”?

About The Author

Yasmin Cordery Khan is a writer, author of the debut novel EDGWARE ROAD, and the history books, ‘The Great Partition’, and ‘The Raj at War’. She was brought up in London and was educated by bursary and government assisted place at King Edward’s School, Witley, and at the University of Oxford, where she was awarded a first class degree and doctorate. Her historical work has won the Gladstone Prize and the Karachi Literature Festival Prize, and has been listed for the Orwell prize and the TATA live prize. She has written for the Guardian, BBC History Magazine, Times Literary Supplement, Observer, Prospect magazine, and has broadcast widely on British television and radio. She can trace her family tree to Ireland, England, Pakistan and Argentina; she is British and lives in Oxfordshire with her family.


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