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Really, I don't think the word too much can be applied to pens, because, always when you need one you can not find it... so here's another pen for you collection.The RevPen by Minimael, is not only a pen is a spinner too, perfect for the ones that need some "inspiration" while they are writing… Continue reading RevPen

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Quickstarter by Oscar Lhermitte

Ok, I have to stop looking at Kickstarter, everytime I am searching for something to post on the blog, I found something I fall in love and pledge for the product!This time is something quite original the Quickstarter by Oscar Lhermitte, a tape with a few interesting measurements that I am sure it will be… Continue reading Quickstarter by Oscar Lhermitte

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Supra Pens Advert

I have to say that sometimes adverts make me re-think of how I act, this is an example.This campaign by Supra Pens highlighted examples of renowned geniuses who were not born geniuses but paved their way towards glory by tapping into their passions while honing their skills, conquering the odds in their way towards greatness.… Continue reading Supra Pens Advert

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The Stationery Selection – January 2018

Which is the best way to start the new year than with a beautiful stash of stationery from The Stationery Selection! ;)This month the box has surprised me again, cute products with high quality, difficult to find outside Japan and perfect to start organising this new year we have just started.My favourite product of this… Continue reading The Stationery Selection – January 2018

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A Small World Around Stamps

If you are following me on Instagram (mpr2000) I am sure you have seen all the letters I am writing lately. It started when I moved here (in Ireland). I was pregnant and didn't have anyone so I decided to start searching for people around the world to talk and chat with my big tummy… Continue reading A Small World Around Stamps

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A Flower Or A Pencil?

If you take a look at all the beautiful stationery you can find online (if you've never search for it) you would want to buy everything. There are so many cute and original things that you can not find on the store that all the original things you'll see will seem perfect!Today I discovered these… Continue reading A Flower Or A Pencil?