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Eternal Stationery by Nuka

I am sure that you are fully aware that I am totally in love with stationery, let's admit that I am a little obsessed with it... That's why when I see a cute and original notebook I can not resist to share it with you, specially if it has already won a design prize! So,… Continue reading Eternal Stationery by Nuka

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Sketchmark by Tinkershop Creative

Do you like using your own pen and ruler to do your work and designs? I always use my fountain pen and stationery things to write my blog posts and letters to my penfriends, of course! So, when I discovered the Stechmark in Kickstarter, I couldn't resist to back this original product and share it… Continue reading Sketchmark by Tinkershop Creative

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Ferris Wheel Press Ink

I was looking for a colourful and original ink for my new fountain pen, so when I found these lovely new brand in Kickstarter, Ferris Wheel Press, of course I couldn't resist to back the project! I can't wait to receive the ink and try it on my shiny new fountain pens! 😉 If you are… Continue reading Ferris Wheel Press Ink

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MT – 10th Anniversary in Tokyo

I am sure you may have noticed, after following my blog, that I am totally addicted to two things: books and stationery!Today I want to share with you the amazing experience I had in Japan at the pop-up shop in Tokyo from the brand MT (masking tape) at Tabloid.Let me tell you a secret, I… Continue reading MT – 10th Anniversary in Tokyo

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The Stationery Selection – May 2018

I know I haven't shared the last month shipment of The Stationery Selection with you, but let me say that is not because the shipment wasn't worth to share or because I didn't like the products inside, is because I didn't have the time to share it with you. I have so many book blog… Continue reading The Stationery Selection – May 2018

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The Stationery Selection – March 2018

A new month, a new stationery box shipment by The Stationery Selection!This had not been my favourite shipment, it contains cute and original things of course, but nothing really surprising... Take a look...First of all, the Delfonics carrying case in red, useful to travel with a lot of pockets and a big zipper to protect your… Continue reading The Stationery Selection – March 2018